About us

This site is a source of information about Japan, which seeks to create motivators in its readers. Every day we’ll try to share with you a topic related to Japan and show you all the little details around it, maybe something that interests you or at least something that you have heard about. These topics can be about things originated in Japan or in other cases about the Japanese version of some trend.

The content we have to offer you will cover everything we can think of that may interest you in relation to Japan and we will develop it to take you deeper and deeper into the knowledge of this country in each of its aspects.


Definitely this page exists because we love Japan, and as in everything, there are people who share this love, just as there are people who love things that are created or come from Japan. And there are people who … (let’s be frank) have zero interest in Japan.

Our mission then would be to be able to turn that third group of people into the second and the second group into the first, to finally make the first group motivated to take the next step and visit Japan!

By showing everyone how many interesting things and ideas can be found in Japan, we will motivate people along the way, and with many goose we will continue to do so day after day.

Do you already live in Japan ?, then maybe you can show us or share something that you find incredible. If so, go ahead and contact us. We’d love to help you spread the word!